Could My|Phone Really Change Common Views About Local Brand Phones?

Have you ever been skeptic about buying phones that are produced by our local companies like My|Phone, Cherry Mobile and Torque? Or even ruling out these brands if you are planning to buy a phone? If so, don’t think you’re too scrupulous than the others. We all are. We often doubt these manufacturers and their abilities. We tend to have this false initiative that if a gadget is manufactured locally  then this product is not worth buying. But isn’t it unfair to these brands that you criticize them immediately?


My|Phone is the first ever mobile phone brand that is made by a Filipino company, it started back in 2007 by Mr. David Lim, a modern-day David ( David & Goliath) to what his company addresses him, for he dared to compete with established international brands in the mobile phone industry like Samsung & Apple. They started with only 3 models and 15 dealers distributing its products nationwide during its first year. They also pioneered in offering the Dual-Sim mobility in the country.

As a My|Phone user myself, I can say that these phones are very satisfactory in terms of performance and design. (Even though they are accused of imitating designs from Samsung) What I am really impressed with is its high quality camera because you rarely see this in a local phone. It is true that the older models really had the worst camera but on the later models it has improved. I think My|Phone really did a good job at improving their Camera. In my opinion and to some people I read online, we seriously think that My|Phone now really has the best camera among all the local mobile phone brands. So if you are fond of taking pictures or infected by the #selfie virus, My|Phone will really suit you. I would really recommend this brand to any of my friends and family.

Just making this clear, I’m not saying that you need to buy this brand just because this phone is from the Philippines. That’s too nationalistic. I don’t even consider myself one. My point is, these local brands are trying their best to produce a phone that will satisfy a common Filipino user. So, give them a break, you might like what you are going to see if you just give them a chance.


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