Thoughts on Piracy

I think we all agree to the fact that technology has escalated so far to the point that many people have used it for illegal purposes. One major example of it is Online Piracy.

I know many of you guys have pretty much downloaded something right from the internet or have watched a full length movie online. Don’t you know that you are actually committing a crime, specifically theft. Online Piracy ranges from Music, Programs, Movies,  Applications, and even Operating Systems and other kinds of things, mostly from the entertainment world. People tend to commit this crime often but not all people are aware of that.  .


It has been kind of legal because no one has been put to jail because of it.(as far as I know) That’s why people doesn’t really care if they download something in the internet. There were many laws that were proposed for it but none of them were passed. In my opinion, the reason why they weren’t passed is because it’ll touch other aspects such as privacy and freedom. No one really thought of a good law for it.

As a confessed online pirate, (not professionally though) Obviously, I am NOT against Piracy since I am on the side of having the advantage and benefit. Many of you may think that I’m naive but I have my own belief. I really don’t think its our fault, neither the original owners, that we pirate these things, Technology did. Innovation has led us to it. We all know that everything has their advantages and disadvantages and Technology has no exemption. Its kind of like Technology gave the idea of Piracy to us. I mean, how do you think piracy is done?  Its by technology, it showed the  possibility that we can do it  and we saw the benefits of it to us. (Then,the theory of Psycho-motor starts)  People have this curiosity that sometimes can lead to negative ways but its also the way for new innovation, (hence new way to pirate things more efficiently. Bwahaha! Just kidding!)

You can’t really stop OP, but you can prevent it. My advice to those Original Owners out there is to be clever, more clever than the pirates. Technology is the reason of Piracy, then use it against Piracy, use technology to fight it too! Maybe that’ll work. 😀


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