My Top 10 Mind Bending Movies

Notice the peculiar feeling you get when the movie ended not what you expected? The kind of movies that give the feeling of astonishment and confusion that will leave you saying “WHAT?!” Well, that’s my kind of movie! I don’t know why but I love being tricked by movies. I also get humiliated sometimes because it makes me look dumb. So I will give you my top 10 movies that bent and twisted my mind after watching it. Enjoy!


10. Planet of the Apes

The trickery started on the title itself. “Planet of the Apes” It gives you the idea that it is on another planet in another galaxy. But it isn’t! Their planet is the same planet as ours. The twist was cued when Leo (Mark Whalberg) went back to Earth and found himself looking at a statue of Thade instead of Lincoln.

9.  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

I know this is embarrassing but I haven’t really watched the full movie. I included this here because its one of the most talked about movie twists. The twist really is shocking especially when you realize that Luke almost made out with his twin sister Leia.

8. Number 23

The plot of this movie lets you ask so many questions and what I like about it is that  all of those questions running through your mind during the movie will be answered in the ending. I like movies with rational reasons behind those weird phenomenons.

7. Shelter/6 Souls

An interesting and equally disturbing movie. At first I thought this movie was just a psychological thriller but I was wrong. It actually has ghosts in it. The ending was a cliffhanger and there are so many possible endings. I don’t like these kind of movies. As you’ve read previously,  I’m more into movies that give rational explanations to it but it is a great movie.

6. After.Life

This movie just messed up my mind. Even today I still don’t know whether the girl was alive or not. The movie jerks you back and forth between the fact that she is already dead or that she is not. The main question was not answered in the end so you really have to replay the movie and find little details that she really is alive or not. Effective screenplay I must say!

5. Evidence

Just like in After.Life, this also makes you go back and forth. While watching this, we were constantly arguing about who really is the killer and none of us got it right. This is one of those movies that give clues in it and makes you look dumb after knowing who is the killer.

4. Black Swan

What I like about this movie (except for Natalie Portman being the main protagonist)  is that it shows how dangerous being perfect can be.  I also like how they used colors to symbolize each character. Like they always let Nina (Natalie Portman) wear White to symbolize that she is the White Swan but was gradually changing to black to represent that she also adapted the Black Swan.

3. Shutter Island

I personally like mysteries , and this movie is like the epitome of it, it just blew me away. Again, it keeps you guessing til the end. At first, I didn’t really understand most of the story and I almost thought that this movie is dumb and irrational. But in the end all I said was “So that’s why.”

2. The Sixth Sense

This movie is a real shocker for me. I mean who would expect that the boy’s psychologist is also a ghost? The plot lets the viewers focus on other subjects to pull us away from the real subject.

1. Trance 

The whole movie is a lie. All lies. The twist was so amazing that i didn’t even know if its possible! Its like Shutter Island but with a lighter theme. The plot doesn’t keep you on asking why’s and it just let you watch it in awe and suddenly the  truth comes out and it shocks you. It’s not cliche so that’s why this movie is on the top of my list!

The order of these movies is according to a criteria that I made.  Which means this is not an official and can not be taken seriously, so if you don’t agree with the order then there’s nothing I can do about it.  It consists of the IMDB Rating, Plot Rating, which is the score of how splendid and spectacular the screenwriter made the plot, and my personal reaction to the movie.


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